How To Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

There are times when we need to know somebody’s location without getting them aware. It can be your girlfriend or wife or kid who you believe not telling you the truth about their exact location for whatever reason.

Till now, it was almost impossible to know any person’s location using their phone, unless of course you have special access to the phone service provider and they help you to know the location by cell tower triangulation.

Such facilities usually not accessible by the general public, and in fact, it’s illegal for even the phone service company to hack someones phone location without being served a subpoena from the court of law.

In this article, you’ll learn a cool trick which will give you locational whereabouts of a person, without touching his or her phone, without getting them alerted, and the best part, this is completely legal!

Here I’ll tell you what needs to be done, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

First step: WhatsApp

This particular trick will require WhatsApp, so make sure the person, whom you wish to track, has WhatsApp installed on his/her phone. And obviously, WhatsApp is also needed to be installed on your phone.
Is WhatsApp mandatory here? No, it can be done without WhatsApp too, but that will make the process overly complicated, and success will depend largely on your luck. With WhatsApp, the success rate is very high, so better you go that way only.

Second step: Picture message

First of all, what exactly you need to do it is you have to open Google Chrome on your computer or phone, and you have to look for a picture message which we have to send it to your target’s WhatsApp.

It could be a simple good morning or good night type message, which we receive every day from our friends and family, or any other type of picture message or a funny meme that you’re sure the person will open to see and won’t get suspicious.

Please note, not making your target suspicious about your intention is the key, so keep everything normal and do not overdo anything.

So, go to Google’s image, search for such image messages, there are plenty for you to find a suitable one. Once you select the message, right-click on that particular image (or tap on it if you’re on the phone), copy the link or URL of that picture, and save it in a notepad.

Third step: Grabify

Now, we have to go to a website which is called Grabify. This is the URL, open your browser, and you have to open this website. This website offers IP logging and URL shortener service.

Open the site, and there you’ll see a large text field. At this point, you have to go back to the notepad where you saved the picture link in the previous step. Copy the link again, come back to the Grabify site, and paste the link in the text box, and click “create URL,” click on “agree,” and you’ll be redirected to the result page now.
Fourth step: Share the link by WhatsApp

On the result page, it will give you some links. First, in the beginning, you’ll see the “original URL,” which is the original link of the picture message. Next is the “New URL,” which is the generated URL for the original link.
This is the link you need to share with your target phone via WhatsApp. So, copy that link, open your WhatsApp, and send the link, and you’re done here.

Fifth step: Smart Logger

Now, go back to the Grabify result page, search for the term “Smart Logger” which can be found among all the result information on that page. You can enable that option if you need further information about the target device other than the location only.

What kind of information? A lot, to be honest. You’ll know the operating system of the target device (Windows 10 or Android), battery status of the device, or is the battery charging, screen size of the browser, local IP of the device, plus many more. So, enable that option if you wish to get all that valuable information for a device.

That’s it, nothing to be done from your end now, except to be waiting for your target to notice that link in his/her WhatsApp and click.

Do not close the result page on your browser window, or if you want to come back later to check, save the result page URL to your notepad so that you don’t lose it. Without that specific result page URL, you won’t be able to see any information.

Sixth step: Hack the location

The moment your target person clicks on the link he/she got via WhatsApp, you will be getting every single information of that person’s location and more. So, when he/she clicks on this link, you’re going back again to the Grabify result page – just refresh the page if it’s still opened or grab the link from where you saved in the last step and open in the browser.

When you scroll the page down, you now see all the data, like the date and time when the link has been clicked, the user agent of the browser, the ISP, and the most important thing – the “Host Name” which is the IP address of the target device.

Copy the IP address from there, simply go to the Google, and type “IP address lookup.” Plenty of sites will be displayed on the search result, select any site from the top, and paste the IP address you just copied from the result page to lookup.

You’ll now get the location of the IP, ISP name, and other data. So, if anybody is claiming that he or she is in New York, you can now verify he/she is telling you the truth.

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Is the information accurate enough to pinpoint one’s exact location?

Not really. IP address usually isn’t enough to pinpoint a device’s location to the extent a phone company can do with the help of mobile tower triangulation. There are some exceptions though. In some cities or countries, IP addresses are pretty much accurate to detect a device’s location up to a few hundred meters. But, that’s not the case in most cases.

For instance, if somebody is claiming he/she is in office, but actually is in a gym which is just a few kilometers away from the office, the IP address is not a reliable way to tell the detect that. However, if that person goes further distance or changes the city, the IP address is pretty much helpful in that case.

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