How can I get back deleted Facebook messages?

Facebook Messenger provides a much-used way to stay connected with friends and acquaintances. Since Facebook is used by millions of people, it hardly needs another messenger. So that not every computer user can access their own conversation history, it makes sense to delete individual messages on Facebook. Soon you will be able to subsequently delete already sent messages.

So you should, for example, delete your Facebook messages, if your girlfriend likes to spy on the computer or the big brother should not spy on all your secrets from last weekend. Of course, you can also remove messages in the Facebook messenger app. Soon, this will work if you have already sent a message.

Already sent messages on Facebook delete later

Similar to WhatsApp, it introduces the function of deleting already sent messages. This feature is currently being rolled out and will soon be available to all users of the Messenger. There are some things to keep in mind:

Messages can only be deleted within 10 minutes of being sent so that the recipient cannot read the message.

Older messages cannot be removed or edited.

After deleting, a message about the deleted message remains in the history.

Facebook stores deleted messages to detect any violations of user policies.

The feature is currently being tested in some countries in the Android version of the Facebook Messenger app and is expected to be rolled out worldwide soon.

Everything in English? So you can change the language in the Facebook app:

Delete Facebook messages: This conversation never took place

Already now you can delete messages from your history. However, the message will not appear in your chat window anymore. The chat partner continues to see this message. How it works in the browser:

To remove individual messages on Facebook first opens the call history.

In the top bar, next to the chat participant’s name, you’ll find the gear icon and the Options button.

Click on the button and select “Delete messages” from the new menu.

Now you can put a tick next to any news that you want to permanently remove from Facebook.

If you have selected the Facebook messages you want to delete, press “Delete” in the bottom right corner.

Do not just want to delete a message, but send a complete conversation with a person in the data-hereafter, not “delete messages …”, but ” delete conversation … “. Now, all received and sent

Facebook messages will be deleted. In your Facebook profile, it now looks as if the conversation never took place.

A message deleted on Facebook will also be deleted. If you remove the text chat with your crush in your heartache and want to take a look into the romantic chat the next day, it’s too late for that.

Facebook: Delete messages and clean archive: This is how it works on the phone

If you want to delete a message history in the Facebook Messenger app on a smartphone or tablet, the call opens. Find more the easy way to hack facebook account from mobile by using NEXSPY

Now hold your finger on the message that should be deleted.

In the new menu, you select the trash in the bottom right to remove the message. Note that the message will only be removed in chat history. Your counterpart can still see the message.
To one

As above, not only individual Facebook messages can be deleted, but whole conversations. First, leave the individual conversation. In the overview of all conversations, you press longer on the conversation to be deleted. Then choose the option “Delete”.
Of course, you can not easily avoid a pending, unpleasant Facebook conversation. If you remove a received message from the call history, it will still be available at the output of the message sender.

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